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Teeth Whitening Guaranteed Vita B1 Shade

Unknown-5A sparkling white smile is a beautiful thing to behold and our teeth whitening process is an effective and simple way to transform your smile.

At Savay Dental we use the world-renowned Enlighten whitening system to bring you a smile that looks stunning and makes you feel amazing.

Enlighten Whitening

Benefits of Enlighten Whitening

This whitening system is so popular because has been endorsed by celebrities and is used in numerous TV makeover shows. Professionals choose Enlighten because it produces outstanding, long-lasting results. Enlighten has an extraordinary success rate and 95% of cases achieve a smile 14-16 shades lighter than before.

Another benefit of Enlighten is that doesn’t carry any risks or discomfort and it’s non-invasive. Best of all, you’ll see stunning results after just two weeks!

The Treatment Process

Enlighten treatment takes place both at home and at the practice. First of all, we will make impressions of your teeth to create a bespoke whitening tray for you to wear every night for two weeks at home. After the 14th night, we’ll invite you to come back to Savay Dental where we’ll top you up with a one hour Enlighten bleaching session to give your smile a dazzling white finish.


“I am delighted with my teeth whitened by Savay Dental Care.

I had wanted to have my teeth whitened for some years and had taken to smiling with my mouth closed as I felt that they were too discoloured.

The course at Savay was easy to follow with clear instructions for home care, and after the final treatment I left the office with my teeth gleaming. Members of my family have been so impressed that they now want to have theirs done too!

Thanks to Savay for such lovely client service and aftercare”

Anita Mac Donald 


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