Root Canal Treatment

Why might I need root canal treatment?

root-canalRoot canal treatment is necessary when the soft pulp in the tooth becomes infected. The pulp runs right through the root and carries the tooth’s nutrients and nerve supply. When the infection spreads through the root canal system, it can cause painful abscesses.

If a dental infection is left untreated it can lead to tooth extraction, so root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth.

The procedure

The aim of root canal treatment is to remove infection from the tooth. During the procedure at Savay Dental we will clean the root canals and fill them with a flexible plastic material to seal the empty space in the root.

When the procedure is complete, we’ll place either a crown or a composite filling onto the treated tooth to provide support and strength.

We understand that the prospect of root canal treatment can be worrying if you’re a nervous patient. That’s why we provide sedation so you’ll be relaxed throughout the procedure and won’t feel a thing.


savay-dental-centre-190After your root canal treatment, it’s important to care for the treated tooth exactly as you do the rest of your teeth. Visiting our hygienists here at Savay Dental will ensure your oral health remains in excellent condition.


Patient Testimonials**

I have been a dental patient of Sachin Patel for many years. I am a very nervous patient and Sachin is always gentle and takes time to explain the procedures before he starts any treatment.


I was a very nervous patient who hadn’t been near a dentist in over thirty years. What a find! He instantly put me at ease and explained fully the treatment that I would require.

Barbara (a very satisfied patient)

We cannot speak too highly of his abilities as a first class and ‘up to date’ dental surgeon. He has enormous skill and ability and combines these qualities with a lightness of touch, ‘soft hands’ and a caring manner.

Finlay and Caroline

The whole experience from start to finish was positive, and knowing I could call you with any concerns was very reassuring, and with yourself and vangellis talking me through every step and stage of my treatment made it a good experience for me.