Examinations and X-rays


Regular dental examinations are essential for a healthy smile. Here at Savay Dental we recommend a check-up every six to nine months so your smile isn’t hindered by potential problems.

During your dental examination

Regular examinations help us keep your smile in excellent condition and determine if you need any treatments to keep your teeth in top form. Examinations at Savay Dental include:

  • Teeth and gums assessment
  • Discussion about your oral and general health
  • Diet and smoking advice
  • Brushing and flossing advice
  • X-rays

X-rays at Savay Dental

Early signs of tooth decay often develop under the enamel and are not always visible to the naked eye. We use X-rays to spot decay in its earliest stages. X-rays also show us if you have any bone loss around your teeth and detect infections in the tooth roots. With an X-ray, we can spot decay underneath fillings and in the tiny areas between your teeth. They also show us if you’re developing a dental abscess as well as other abnormalities such as cysts.

At Savay Dental you might also have an X-ray in preparation for treatments such as dentures, dental implants and brace fitting.

If you’re due a dental examination, don’t hesitate to contact Savay Dental and arrange one today.


Patient Testimonials**

I have been a dental patient of Sachin Patel for many years. I am a very nervous patient and Sachin is always gentle and takes time to explain the procedures before he starts any treatment.


I was a very nervous patient who hadn’t been near a dentist in over thirty years. What a find! He instantly put me at ease and explained fully the treatment that I would require.

Barbara (a very satisfied patient)

We cannot speak too highly of his abilities as a first class and ‘up to date’ dental surgeon. He has enormous skill and ability and combines these qualities with a lightness of touch, ‘soft hands’ and a caring manner.

Finlay and Caroline

The whole experience from start to finish was positive, and knowing I could call you with any concerns was very reassuring, and with yourself and vangellis talking me through every step and stage of my treatment made it a good experience for me.