savay-dental-centre-160 When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, the best thing to do is extract it. At Savay Dental we also extract wisdom teeth if they pose potential problems or have become impacted.

When do teeth need to be extracted?

We perform tooth extractions in the following circumstances:

  • When a tooth is severely decayed
  • When gum disease has lead to bone loss
  • When a tooth is so fractured it cannot be repaired
  • When a tooth is badly positioned (such as an impacted wisdom tooth)
  • When a tooth doesn’t function correctly and needs to be replaced with a bridge, dental implant or denture

Extractions at Savay Dental

Tooth removal procedures carried out at Savay Dental are only performed after we’ve numbed the extraction site with anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any discomfort. We also provide sedation for patients who feel nervous about dental procedures, so you’ll feel completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment process.


savay-dental-centre-190After having a tooth extracted you might experience mild bleeding, but this should subside within 8-12 hours and any pain can be soothed with over the counter painkillers. If symptoms persist for longer than 2-3 days after the procedure, call Savay Dental immediately.

For 24 hours following the extraction, stick to a soft diet and avoid vigorous rinsing.

After 24 hours, rinse with warm salt water for one minute 1-2 times a day for the next 3-4 days. This will reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and speed up the healing process.


Patient Testimonials**

I have been a dental patient of Sachin Patel for many years. I am a very nervous patient and Sachin is always gentle and takes time to explain the procedures before he starts any treatment.


I was a very nervous patient who hadn’t been near a dentist in over thirty years. What a find! He instantly put me at ease and explained fully the treatment that I would require.

Barbara (a very satisfied patient)

We cannot speak too highly of his abilities as a first class and ‘up to date’ dental surgeon. He has enormous skill and ability and combines these qualities with a lightness of touch, ‘soft hands’ and a caring manner.

Finlay and Caroline

The whole experience from start to finish was positive, and knowing I could call you with any concerns was very reassuring, and with yourself and vangellis talking me through every step and stage of my treatment made it a good experience for me.